Monday, March 16, 2009

Update Giganto

OK. After that mysterious post from last week, it's time to give details (in as much as I CAN give details when I run this blog under a pseudonym).

Short story: I was instructed by my superiors on Wednesday of last week that I was being moved to a different branch. The branch I am going to has a larger number of problems and issues than the one I'm at now and is, therefore, not seen as a desirable place to be.

After the initial shock, however, I decided I'd make the best of this. My start date is the 28th. Even if I can get this day off (and I do plan to), I'm going to give the FFF a pass this year much to my regret. I'll have too much on my mind on that weekend before the big move to really enjoy the Festival.

More details to come.

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