Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blockbuster adieu

The local Blockbusters that were closing have finally given up the ghost. Today was the last day of operation and EVERYTHING HAD TO GO! As I said previously, the DVD's didn't start off as very good buys. At the end, they were selling for a buck a piece, which was much more my taste.

Obviously, the choices had dwindled down quite a bit (though if anyone wanted to re-shingle their roof with used copies of Righteous Kill, my local Blockbuster could have easily hooked you up). Here's what I did end up picking up:
Alien Uprising - Ah, if you can't afford to buy a bad cheesy sci-fi movie for ninety-nine cents, what can you?

The Host - More cheesy sci-fi, except this is actually very good. I had already seen this Korean import last year, but it was definitely worth a buck.

There Will Be Blood - No explanation needed here. It made a lot of top ten lists for the decade and for good reason.

Bottle Shock - A cute little comedy that shows Professor Snape going orgasmic for a bowl of guacamole. What else could you want?
Finally, in the non-DVD category, I picked up "Car Talk: Maternal Combustion" on CD. I checked this out from the library several years ago and it was hilarious. All in all, the quartet of DVD's and the CD cost me just over five bucks. Not bad at all. And at the risk of sounding cruel, if Blockbuster wants to close any more stores, I'll be there.

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