Monday, April 19, 2010

Sideshow Bob did enjoy his showtunes

Recently I posted about the various B-List celebrities who give voice to conservative views and causes. Not all of them are B-List, of course. Take Kelsey Grammer. The man has two extremely successful and beloved TV series under his belt and, though he his most recent attempts at TV comedy have not been successful, he's not hurting for work. So when he takes a role in An American Carol, I don't think he's doing it solely for the money.

When I saw his name in the Yahoo "Trending Now" box this afternoon, I wasn't surprised after clicking on his name to find the first two stories about him starting a conservative network. Apparently, he's looking for funding. In the current tea party climate, I'm guessing he won't have to look far.

But that was just the first two stories. The third was a New York Daily News review of his current appearance in La Cage aux Folles.

In Hollywood, the tendency is to judge an actor by their most recent work. Does this mean he's going to prove his clout to conservative investors by touting his current appearance in one of the gayest stage comedies of all time?

I'd love to see that pitch.

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