Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"I will fight them on the beaches, I will fight them on the streets."

In a rather weird juxtaposition of two headlines posted by the Canadian Press, It was announced:

Blair makes surprise visit to Iraq; at least 24 killed in Mosul attack
I envisioned old Tony stepping through the rubble of an insurgent enclave in Mosul that he just destroyed with an RPG. Suddenly, half a dozen armed attackers storm through a doorway. Tony quickly mows down four of them with his assault rifle and then clicks empty. The remaining two take aim, but Tony drops the rifle, draws his service revolver and nails the other two in the chest. In the aftermath, he stands in the sunlight that streams through the broken wall and takes a brave and heroic stance, muscles gleaming with sweat.

Yeah, it's silly. But at least with the character of Britain's leader, I can see the slight possibility of such a scenario without my brain seizing up.

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