Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sugar plums dancing in your head 24/7

One of the patron saints of Acrentropy made the news today. George Carlin issued a statement that he was entering rehab for his overuse of alcohol and Vicodin. This is a voluntary move on his part to quit the stuff before it gets too far. Anyone familiar with his past will know that he's been there and done that in terms of drug abuse, and his words make it clear he has no intention of going back down that road. I present a snippet of "Carlin at Carnegie" where he discusses his cocaine-fueled heart attacks with the audience.
Here's the latest from the Comedian's Health Sweepstakes: I lead Richard Pryor in heart attacks two to one! But he still leads me in burning himself up! You see, First I had a heart attack. Then Richard had a heart attack. Then Richard burned himself up, and I said F**K THAT, I'm having another heart attack!"
We here at Acrentropy wish him the best of luck and the best of health.

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