Thursday, December 09, 2004

Librarian not included

The library I work in is scheduled to move into a brand new building come next summer, which all of us who work here are very excited about. One resulting issue from this is what to do with the old building. To some, it is a very ugly, lime green tribute to 1960's architecture. Nonetheless, it's still in decent shape, and the library administrators are endeavoring to sell off this valuable piece of downtown real estate. Rumor is that Peterbrooke Chocolate is the latest interested party, which seems a fate far cooler than is likely for this building.

This afternoon, I was to host a program in the 2nd floor auditorium. This was eventually cancelled, as the instructor failed to show up, but that's another story. In the half hour before it was to start, I paced on the small stage thinking of opening remarks. As I was doing this, the door opened and two men entered: one of the library administrators and another prospective buyer. He came in and showed off the brick walls and unusual light fixtures and did this for about two minutes before they finally left.

The interesting thing about all this is that the entire time they were in the room they never once acknowledged my presence! I mean, it's not a big auditorium, by any means. They just walked in where this librarian was standing on the stage and they went about their business. Combined with the absent instructor, this could seriously give me a complex. Maybe I blended into the background, or perhaps they thought there was always a librarian on the stage of the auditorium.

It would have been funny if, after a minute of the administrator's pitch, the buyer said, "OK. If you throw in the guy, then it's a deal".


Queend said...

I'm new at this blogging and low and behold after I finish entering my thoughts not once but twice, I stumble upon you another Librarian and read about your new building coming next summer. Don't feel bad, We here have gone through the same things. We have been in our new digs for a little over a year now and the powers that be still don't get it that we the people who work here, know full well how a library is to run and what we would like and should have. But were we conferred with? Well sorta kinda but in reality they did it there way and ignore the three of us. A Circulation desk that looks and acts as a reception desk, Not nearly enough room for more additions. I could go on and on but will stop here as I think you have the gist. We have a beautiful space and are grateful for it despite its short comings.

Anonymous said...

You deserve better treatment than that, Agent Moseley. You're worth at least $1.50/lb.-- David P.