Thursday, July 14, 2005

A mystery wrapped in a riddle inside a tasty bun

Legend has it that in 1904, a hot dog vendor lent out white gloves for his customers so that their hands would not be burned while eating. Unfortunately, he got very few of the gloves back. He asked a baker about a possible solution to his problem, and the baker created a bun to hold the hot dog.

The veracity of this history has been questioned, but it came to mind during my recent trip to North Carolina. Mrs. Mosley and I stopped at a Sonic to get snacks, including a Coney Island Hot Dog. For you Northerners not blessed enough to have a Sonic Drive In where you live, this particular delicacy is loaded with chili and cheese and comes in a little cardboard box sans lid. It also comes with a knife and fork, which many people choose to use since it can be so messy.

My question is this: At this point, why bother with the friggin bun?

It reminds me of a comedy bit which contemplated the practice of placing butter inside a warm box (Butter warmer) inside a cold box (Your fridge) inside a warm box (Your house). Oh, the wonders of modern invention!

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