Saturday, July 30, 2005

Movie Quotes: The Hunt for Red October

Jeffrey Jones will always be Principal Ed Rooney. Barring that, he may unfortunately always be that actor guy arrested for paying a 14 year old to pose nude for him back in 2001. But let us look back to happier days when his career was in better shape and he wasn't consorting with minors. In the midst of the goofy characters he was known for playing, he did a straight role in, of all things, a Tom Clancy movie. In The Hunt for Red October, he plays a submarine expert visited by Jack Ryan, played by Alec Baldwin (who also co-starred with Jones in Beetlejuice), who comes to talk to him about a new Russian sub. Jones is given a nice couple of lines where he illustrates to Ryan how dangerous this new sub could be.

Skip Tyler: When I was twelve, I helped my daddy build a bomb shelter in our basement because some fool parked a dozen warheads 90 miles off the coast of Florida. Well, this thing could park a couple of hundred warheads off Washington and New York and no one would know anything about it till it was all over.

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