Thursday, July 28, 2005

Perhaps I'm the subject of an investigative report

Stopping by Panera this morning for a little breakfast, I happened to spy two personalities from First Coast News: Patricia Crosby and Angela Spears. They eventually went together to a booth, probably to wake the hell up so that they can get busy being cheery for the cameras.

All this after a little incident Mrs. Mosley and I experienced during a trip to Adventure Landing last Saturday. We invited her two little brothers, Michael and Marcus, to come with us. As could have been predicted, our energy level did not last nearly as long as the two munchkins. Mrs. Mosley and I eventually sat on some bleachers to wait for them to finish on the go cart track. Michael got off first and headed right for us, but Marcus kept on walking. I called to him, each shout getting louder over the crowd, "Marcus! MARCus! MARCus!". After this last shout, not only did Marcus turn around but so did Mark Spain, who genially smiled and waved back at me before moving with the crowd towards the exit.

So to the news team of First Coast News, allow me to say this: I'm not following you if you're not following me.

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