Monday, August 01, 2005

Keith David Quote of the Month: August 2005

It certainly isn't the most well-made action film I've ever seen, and it wasted talented people like Don Cheadle, but at least it had Keith David yelling at people in it. "Volcano" was one of two volcano action films to be released in 1997, along with Dante's Peak. Both did poorly and justifiably so. From the wreckage of that film, however, we have dredged up this quote where David plays a police lieutenant organizing a barrier of freeway dividers only to find out that the truck driver hasn't brought enough to do the job.

Roark: Where's the rest of 'em?

Truck driver: What "rest of 'em?" This is it!

Lt. Fox: Hey, there only about eighty here!

Truck driver: Eighty-two; everything else is stuck on the 5 and the 10.

Lt. Fox: We're trying to keep the city in one piece, pinhead. Eighty rails ain't gonna do it!

Truck driver: So what are you blaming me for?

Lt. Fox: Convenience, ok?

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