Thursday, August 25, 2005

La-La Land Library: The Stage Show!

Well, not really. Yesterday was Staff Development Day, which is an annual thing where all the libraries in town close and the staff converges at the convention center for speeches, classes and such. This year, instead of taking two afternoon classes like most people, I chose to instruct classes for both sessions. Namely, I taught a class about film and television research on the web using links included in my La-La Land website.

Naturally, I was nervous as hell. For the most part, though, it went smoothly and was well received. I actually ran out of time in the first session and had to trim some material for the second. All the important stuff got covered, including a lengthy session on the IMDb. It's freaky to think that there are people who haven't even heard of the the IMDb, much less used it. I suppose all of us have blinders on when it comes to sites we become familiar with that aren't necessarily common knowledge.

One discovery I made in the sessions was the miracle of the water bottle, which I had brought to keep from getting dehydrated. This function was successfully served, but it also served as a weight balance in my right hand as I gestured to the screen and pointed things out. In other words, it was a great prop to use. Good thing to keep in mind for the future.

So, it's all over now and I am greatly relieved. I have enough stuff going on in the coming weeks and months that it's good to have this piece of stress behind me. Included in the activities is the big vacation in D.C. and the move from the old library building to the new one; both are activities I'll be posting about. Maybe, maybe come January, I'll actually get some relaxation in.

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