Monday, August 29, 2005

I hope Brooke Shields was worth it

So Matt Dillon was recently asked if he regretted turning down a role in the 1980 hit Blue Lagoon. His reply was "No", for which he cites a number of reasons.

But never mind the reasons. Why was this question asked in the first place? I mean, we're talking about Matt Dillon, who this year has had a critical successes (Crash) and a commercial one (Herbie: Fully Loaded). The guy is a fairly well known celebrity who has done some very good work (Including, I might add, a bitchin' audiobook version of Jack Kerouac's On the Road).

Christopher Atkins, who was the one who eventually took the role in Blue Lagoon, had his last big success with ... um ... er ... hold on. I'm checking through the IMDb credits right now. There's, uh ... hmm ... Ah, there's ... oh no, I was thinking of something else ... uh ... does a Red Shoes Diaries sequel count as a success? No? Ah, well ... let's just say that I hope the Blue Lagoon DVD is selling well.

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