Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Chicken Caesar Review: Sticky Fingers

Mrs. Mosley thought I was touched in the head to be ordering a Chicken Caesar Salad at a great BBQ place like Sticky Fingers, but dammit, I've got reviews to write! Their Grilled Chicken Caesar, which costs $6.99, include slices of grilled breast of chicken heaped atop Romaine lettuce and garnished with tomatoes, croutons and fresh Parmesan cheese.

First off, I should mention that you can get the salad with BBQ chicken instead of grilled. That would have made an interesting salad, but I wanted to be consistent with my other reviews. Second of all, there were no croutons. I decided long ago not to mention things like this to the waitress because they should have made it right the first time. Third, they committed the cardinal salad sin: it was not tossed. Instead, we have a bed of fresh lettuce cut into large-ish pieces surrounded by small tomato slices, sprinkled with cheese and chicken, with dressing on the side. The individual ingredients are all very tasty, but it's a pretty boring salad over all. The strongest element is the chicken, cut into strips, which has a very tasty wood smoke flavor.

They try to be arty with this salad, but it really has no style of its own. I suppose it's forgivable, as these folks specialize in great BBQ, which is what I suggest you order if you ever find yourself there.

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