Thursday, August 25, 2005

Six Degrees, Actually

Last night, Mrs. Mosley decided to watch Love, Actually which was one of the DVD's she got for her birthday. Perhaps because I was still wiped out from Staff Development Day, I opted out. I like the movie enough, but it just wasn't the sort of thing I wanted to watch at the time so I retired to fiddle on the computer.

Two hours later, I came back to the living room to sit with Mrs. Mosley as the film was finishing up. She then handed me a spiral notebook she had been writing on. Apparently, while viewing the film, she decided to diagram the relationships and character intersections throughout the film. And if you've ever seen the film, you know what a complicated diagram that would be.

I had a number of thoughts when I saw this. First, I thought this was a very cool thing to do, and made me remember how much I adore her. Second, I thought this was also a very "Genealogist" thing for her to do (which makes sense, since she's a Genealogist and all). Third, I figured if she could diagram such a film like this, maybe I should sit her down and show her Short Cuts. Now that would test her abilities!

A bizarre side note: Shortly after I mentioned Short Cuts to her, she went back to the main menu screen for the Love, Actually DVD, which prominently features a red heart that has been slashed into a dozen pieces and roughly put back together...kinda like the Criterion cover for Short Cuts! Freaky.

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