Friday, August 19, 2005

My cup floweth over

I'm wrapping up the week before kicking off a three day weekend to celebrate Mrs. Mosley's birthday. Here are some items I didn't hit this week that deserve mentioning:

From Capitol Hill Blue, an article detailing how Bush is "losing it", and I don't mean the Iraq war. I can understand how some Bush supporters would dismiss an article like this out of hand, coming as it does from a guy studying Bush from a distance, but the arguments are compelling.

From The New York Times, "Democratic" Iraq: Now with hangings!

From the Sun-Sentinel, we learn of distressed parents who have been told at airports that their infant cannot board with them because their name is on a terrorist watch list. Yep, that's a efficient system of security we have at airports nowadays. Meanwhile, knives and razor blades are back!

From the Waco Tribune-Herald, we learn of a 59 year old veteran who on Monday night jumped into his truck, drove to Bush's Crawford ranch and ran over a line of crosses on the side of the rode set up by protesters. Pretty much the textbook definition of "assh*le", dontcha think?

And then there was this from the Washington Post, which really should have gotten more attention from the major news outlets but, of course, didn't. Basically, the White House, as embodied by this unnamed official, is finally recognizing that their grand experiment is not coming anywhere close to the success they were hoping for. It's an admission of failure by any other name, and it was sad to see. Not surprising, mind you, but sad.

Have a nice weekend, folks. See you on Tuesday.

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