Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cleaning up the Desktop

Alright. Time to clean out some of the shortcuts that have grown like weeds on my computer at work. Here's some of what I'm getting rid of (and technically retaining since they'll be in this post. Ain't blogs great?!):

Brick Journal - The announcement of a LEGO magazine for grownups. I just dropped my subscription to Entertainment Weekly, but I may just pick this one up with the money I saved.

Waterfalls of Western North Carolina - A page that came up while search for a picture of Moore Cove Falls, a great waterfall we hiked to while in North Carolina last month.

Partners in Rhyme - A fabulous public domain sound effects site I came across while trying to find sounds for a powerpoint presentation I'm doing.

Conservation Resources International - Boring Library stuff, but in this case it was for some research on a story idea I was working on.

Florida Education Standards Commission - Earlier this year, the local alternative paper broke a story about Sam Ward, a local High School principal and all around shmuck who refused to print the graduation photo of a lesbian student in the yearbook because she wore a tux instead of the lace wrap thingy they usually get girls to wear. Several months ago, they reported that Gov. Jeb Bush was appointing Ward to the FESC, a ruling body that decides if educators have been engaging in unethical behavior, such as wrongly singling a student out for punishment. Jeb's appointment was not the end of it, as it has to go through several more processes before Ward gets there. The shortcut was there to remind me to check on this story now and then.

Abandoned Irish Castle, Abandoned Russian Factory and just plain Abandoned - More links from my interest in ghost towns that started back in May.

Eric Holmes - A profile of a game designer friend of mine.

Atamacher - We end as we began: With LEGO! This time, it's the gallery of one really brilliant designer.

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