Thursday, August 25, 2005

Anything but "Intelligent"

Via Daily Kos, we learn of some scientists that are really beginning to get pissed off at all this "Intelligent Design" misinformation that's being spread about by the (cough) "Discovery Institute":

"It's laughable: There have been millions of experiments over more than a century that support evolution," he says. "There's always questions being asked about parts of the theory, as there are with any theory, but there's no real scientific controversy about it."

Davidson began to believe the institute is an "elaborate, clever marketing program" to tear down evolution for religious reasons. He read its writings on intelligent design - the notion that some of life is so complex it must have been designed - and found them lacking in scientific merit.

Then Davidson, who attends First Presbyterian Church in Bellevue, heard a sermon in which the pastor argued it's foolish to try to use science to understand God.

Science is about measuring things, and God is immeasurable, the pastor said.

"It just clicked with me that this whole movement is wrongheaded on all counts," Davidson said. "It's a misuse of science, and a misuse of religion."

"Why can't we just keep the two separate?"
Indeed. My suggestion is this: Alert all ambulance drivers in the Seattle area to question patients if they work for the "Discovery Institute" and if they believe in "Intelligent Design". Drive those you say "yes" to a church instead of the emergency room. If they disrespect science so much, then let's see them go in for some faith healing, instead.

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