Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Farewell US 82! See you again in a year or so!

Another trip to Mississippi has come and gone, and I'm left tired from the thirteen hour drive back yesterday.

Aside from seeing Mrs. Mosley's folks and gorging on dressing, we both made numerous book purchases. This included two volumes that apparently signify a depreciation in the genre of "Groundbreaking Comedy Biographies": The Pythons (Originally retailed for $60 and picked up for $10) and Live from New York (Originally retailed for $25 and picked up for $1). I also did my bit for independent booksellers by faithfully visiting McCormick's Bookstore in Greenville and shelling out full price for Wild Ducks Flying Backward by Tom Robbins.

Mrs. Mosley continued her Genealogy research by visiting the Greenville public library downtown to pour over dozens of microfilm reels of the Delta Democrat Times. I was also enlisted for the three and a half hours we were there. Special thanks should be given to Charlie, a librarian there who helped us out a lot with our work. Yes, even Librarians like myself need help once in a while, and a little kindness goes a long way. Thanks again, Charlie.

Finally, a suggestion prompted by an audio Thanksgiving tradition that Mrs. Mosley and I participated in once again: For any young, budding artist looking for an performance art piece idea, may I suggest making a list of the address of every psychiatrist office in town, stepping inside the waiting room, yelling out "You can have anything you want at Alice's Restaurant!" and then promptly leaving for the next office on your list. If you go through with it, then let me know how many you visit before getting arrested.

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