Sunday, November 20, 2005

When's Dinner?

So, the British newspaper The Independent has an article up on their site with fifty culinary bigwigs describing their ultimate food moments, and it's quite a fun read. For the benefit of my Sushi-crazy wife, I thought I'd feature the two that describe their high on Sushi (ironically, these are also two of the few names I recognized out of the fifty):

Jamie Oliver chef
"I was in Japan promoting one of my books and feeling totally jet-lagged. It was 4am and I found this sushi bar. It was just amazing to be eating such great sushi and drinking beer at that sort of time, as it's not the sort of thing you can find in the UK."

Morgan Spurlock documentary maker whose films include 'Super Size Me'
"Biting into a sea urchin at a sushi place in Tsujiki Market, Tokyo, because it felt like the ocean exploding in my mouth. I was eating this amazing sushi at six in the morning in the middle of this crazy market and I thought, 'This is the way I should start every morning.'"

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