Monday, November 21, 2005

The final word on torture and torturers

Imagine that the police caught a notorious child molester in your town. It's been revealed that, over a period of years, this man has molested dozens of children. When a reporter asks for an explanation for his horrid acts, he becomes defensive and barks back, "Hey, at least I didn't kill 'em and dismember their bodies!"

That sort of weak-ass response is the same that we're getting from the Bush administration, conservative talking heads and even current Iraqi officials when presented with the issue of torture. It's insane to sit here and talk of degrees. The practice is legally and morally wrong, PERIOD! We cannot stand as a moral beacon to the world while this sh*t goes on with our say-so. Beyond that, torture has been proven again and again as an ineffective technique for getting information in the first place. There is no reason for the practice to continue aside for the pleasures of cathartic sadism that people angry over 9/11 receive when killing a Muslim.

Any Muslim.

It may seem a harsh thing to say, but people who gleefully support and practice torture need to be ranked alongside child molesters. Because, in the end, both of these groups are simply getting their rocks off at the suffering of others.

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