Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Giancarlo Esposito Quote of the Month: October 2008

Not much time to work on this month's quote, so I'm going to the IMDb and grabbing it instead of seeing the actual movie.

Not that I was in a big hurry to see Nothing to Lose, a 1997 action-comedy starring Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence. From the evidence of the quotes, it would appear that Giancarlo's character, named Charlie Dunt, was pretty unlikable. If nothing else, it proves that his characters like to kick foreigners out of the driving seat of their own cars (see Night on Earth):
English Driver: Here, you blokes want a lift somewhere?

Charlie: Where you from?

English Driver: London.

Charlie: Me too!

English Driver: Really?

Charlie: Yeah!

English Driver: That's terrific! Hop in me car, let's go then. C'mon, jump in, let's go. Oh this is great.

Charlie: Hey would ya scoot over a smidgeon? [Shoves the English Driver out of the car and drives off]

Charlie: Sorry 'bout that! Cheers, mate! Ha ha ha ha!

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