Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Money can't buy happiness.

That's true, though I also believe that it can make certain amounts of unhappiness go away.

I though of this while reading this article on Slate. I'm keeping myself from getting cocky about Obama's chances (though there is a submerged part of me that is perpetually giddy these days). But when I read the article above, there was a nice sigh of relief knowing that one of those major stresses of life ("Do we have enough money to pay for everything?") is pretty much a non-issue for the Obama campaign less than two weeks before the election.

And the most sublime part of all is that the money came from his supporters like myself and Mrs. Mosley. It reminded me of a quote from Markos Moulitsas, which neatly sums up the entire election:
"There's one other delicious irony at work -- don't you find it funny that McCain, the Republican, is embracing government funding for the election while Obama, the Democrat, would rather be self-reliant?"


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