Monday, October 27, 2008

Keeping us honest

In the search for someone to blame, one of the groups McCain supporters are pointing to is the ever-scorned Mainstream Media for declaring Obama virtually the winner long before election day. Since they blame the MSM for everything else, it should come as no surprise that they blame them for simply reporting the polls as they stand. They got nothing else.

Besides, it's a simple truth that the media, in terms of elections, don't like landslides. They like horse races that make it interesting and suspenseful until the wee hours of November 5th. As evidence, have a look at Slate this morning, which featured as one of it's three top stories this headline:

Click on it, and your presented with the latest map (with electoral vote count):

"Closing the gap", indeed. Obama needs 270 electoral votes to win and he has all but two of that number in the "Safe Dem" column. Hell, even McCain's home state of Arizona has gone from "Safe" to "Lean Republican". Say what you will of Reagan's landslide in 1984, at least Mondale retained his home state.

But I'm not getting cocky. Keep counting, folks.


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