Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Ten": The Office (Part Three)

I'm going the full "Gregg Toland" on this project, which means the ceiling will be visible in this room. I was able to take advantage of a fistful of windows I had grabbed at one of my last visits to Pick-a-brick at Downtown Disney. These were placed in a grid pattern inside a frame of black bricks. This is the result.

The ceiling itself is does not cover the entire room but only about 3/4 of it. I need to have some room where the camera is for closeups and the ceiling would have gotten in the way. With this design, it can slide back and forth and hold it's position onto any combination of walls depending on the shot (The two notches of ceiling flanking the window bank are permanent pieces since I won't need to put the camera there).

The final element was the elevator and doors. I had done the swooshy "Star Trek" doors before in the Blast Reynolds short, but those doors were operated individually. This time, I wanted a single control to open and close the doors smoothly at the same time. So, we bring out the gears.

The turning of one gear turns the rest of them and the doors open and close simultaneously. This will make filming a bit easier. And so, we now have our Office.

Finally, here is a test shot, converted to B&W and widescreen dimensions:

Next Week: The Going Concern

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