Saturday, April 02, 2011

"Ten": The Three Month Update

So here we are at the one quarter mark and progress has been good. All of the larger props have been built, and so I must soon advance to the sets. There will be four sets in all: The Governor's Office, the Hero's Jet Hanger, the outside of the Villain's silo (on the moon's surface) and the interior of the silo (underground). The Office will be the first to be built.

Outside of building, business at the Bricklinks store continues on very steadily. I was even able to use some of my profits to get Mrs. Mosley an anniversary gift last March. My only regret is that I didn't know about Bricklink back in 2007. If I had, I would have bought every friggin Batman set Tuesday Morning had. The Minifigs alone would have netted me a 100% profit from what I paid and I would have still had a huge load of bricks left for my collection. Oh, well.

One piece of business to be addressed very soon is the perfection of the green screen. I want to go ahead and get a piece of green cloth for the purpose so that it's large and seamless enough that I don't have to concern myself with shifting around that piece of poster board. The table that I set up for my studio runs right up against some tall, black metal shelving, which will be ideal for hanging the fabric from.

That's all for now. See you next Saturday.

Next Week: The Office (Part One)

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