Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Ten": The Going Concern

That post title may be wishful thinking, but we're trying to be optimistic here.

Three months ago, I posted about the LEGO store I had opened for the primary purpose of funding my project. It turned out to work very well, and I was able to buy all sorts of parts that I needed with some Paypal funds left over for several non-LEGO related items.

Three weeks ago, Mrs. Mosley became interested in this and proposed making it a family business. We would put forward some money for buying LEGO on the cheap and then selling it in the store. She became very enthused about it, and I myself got excited when I happened upon some massive clearance sales at the K-marts in town. I ended up buying several hundred dollars of LEGO sets (mostly from the outgoing Toy Story line) for less than a third of their normal prices. This was going to be fun!

Alas, just about the time we started this, the sales at the store (which had been fairly consistent since I opened it) suddenly dried up. As of this post, we haven't had a sale since April 11th. It was disheartening, particularly for Mrs. Mosley, but I have reassured her that it's bound to bounce back. We'll eventually make a profit on the sets we bought with the seed money (though most of them have been put into storage and will only be offered several years later when all the store copies are gone).

This post is let you know about the store, and also for myself to keep a list of hyperlinks to the places I need to check for LEGO to buy with our remaining seed money (and if you want to use them too, knock youself out!):


LEGO Store Deals




Toys R Us

Next Week: The Lesson Plan

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