Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Ten": The Office (Part Two)

Sadly, the Office was not completed this week, but significant progress was made that I can share with you. As you can see below, the walls were finished as were the windows. You can get a better idea of how dramatic and striking I wanted those windows to be.

I added a free-standing globe to the far left corner, and you can see some parts of the wall with studs on them. I plan on placing some kind of paintings or maps there at a later date. With the studs already there, all I will have to do is stick them on.

And here we have the major furnishings for the office: Two guest chairs, the governor's chair (slightly larger, natch) and a desk roughly the size of an aircraft carrier.

This is an exaggeration, but the desk is pretty huge. I had originally wanted to do a non-rectangular design similar to the desk in the Metropolis picture I posted last week. This proved difficult, so I decided to go with a rectangle. For a smooth surface, I would need to use multiple tile pieces which would mean the desk would not have a uniform sheen to it. Then I thought of these massive 10 x 16 tiles I have from one of the Batman sets. It initially seemed too large, but it really started to grow on me and I'm liking size more and more. It suits the room and it's occupant.

One last thing for the week: The family got to all visit Chamblin's Bookmine together this morning. And as I was chasing little C.C. around, I came across a section of hardcover adventure novels for young boys printed in the early sixties. I picked one up for $7.00.

This isn't precisely the genre I'm aiming for with the film, but it could still provide some inspiration on the areas I haven't completely figured out yet. Besides, it should be a fun read.

Next Week: The Office (Part Three)

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