Thursday, September 02, 2004

Going to extreme lengths

Last night included trips to various stores to get last minutes supplies for Frances. I stopped by Publix (which is the nicest of the grocery chains down here in the South) to pick up some odds and ends. As I stood in line behind a woman with 243 items, my eye wandered to the sides where they put the impulse items and spotted something called Dog-E-Licious Ice Pudding. Basically, this is ice cream for dogs, but with no harmful dairy ingredients.

My question is this: Why is this in the impulse buy section?

I had never heard of it before, and perhaps that is why it's there: To let more people know about the product. And maybe I would have gone with that explanation if I hadn't just passed by the canned goods aisle and seen the shelves nearly decimated. And so my devious little mind concocted a store manager who saw his canned goods swiftly depleting and decided that the lesser known products might be purchased by some of the more last minute, desperate shoppers.

It's not like it's real dog food with beef gravy and all of that. Hell, it might even taste good to humans. Still, the very connotation is enough to gross me out and I'd imagine this would apply to most people. But, you know, desperate times and desperate measures and all that. Fortunately, I'm happy to report that we are now fully stocked with food and water.

And the kitty food will be strictly regulated to the kitties.

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