Monday, September 13, 2004

Let. There. Be. LIGHT!

Mrs. Mosley and I decided to reward ourselves after six consecutive unhappy nights in our sweatbox of a house by staying in a B&B on Saturday evening. We ended up sitting in the big bed eating take out pizza and watching "That Thing You Do" on tape. This may not sound luxurious, but it seemed like it after our week of darkness.

The other purpose for this sleepover was to challenge "Murphy": If we plunked down $150 for a night at a B&B just ten miles from where we live, then maybe the lights would come back on while we were gone. Sure enough, when we pulled into our driveway Sunday morning, we found the porchlight on. Mrs. Mosley screamed her bloody head off in delight and I was just as thankful. According to the flashing clocks inside the house, the electric had come back on at approximately 9:45 am, about an hour before we pulled in. So, for those keeping score, we were out a total of 157 hours, just 11 hours short of a full week.

But this has all passed now. The fridge is restocked, the checkbook is balanced and all is right with the Mosley world.

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