Thursday, September 30, 2004

If only all cataloging was this fun

In our wildest dreams, we anal-retentive organizers who call ourselves Librarians can see a future where the internet, and basic library collections, can be navigated in a straight-forward, engaging, visual manner. It would be something akin to the touchscreens that Tom Cruise uses in "Minority Report": Fast, fluid and nearly effortless.

In the meantime, I occasionally come across internet sites that have some element to them that is similar to this. Over at NASA's website, they have a collection of space-themed artwork. In keeping with the subject, the visual organization technique (called "Copernica") is that of a galaxy. For those of you who don't understand what I mean, go and visit. Make sure to go to the "Make Your Own" tab where you can enter a keyword and have a separate keyword galaxy form for you. Very cool.

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