Monday, October 11, 2004

Abusing Utilities, Butchering Pumpkins, and Playing with Fire

A little bit about the Sunday Mrs. Mosley and I spent together.

After lunch with my folks, we went over to The Cummer Art Gallery to check out an exhibit on the history of film in Jacksonville. Way back during the Silent Era of film, Jacksonville was a hot spot for filmmaking and we were close to becoming a Hollywood before there even was a Hollywood. Alas, a number of factors eventually drove filmmakers to California. Also, it appears that the locals didn't care for the filmmakers too much. The most amusing anecdote was how directors would make phony emergency calls to police and firemen whenever the film they were shooting needed those kinds of extras. Ah, well. At least with Camp Blanding nearby, we can still attract the likes of Colin Farrell and Ridley Scott.

We then decided to start the Halloween traditions early and buy a pumpkin. We got one from a local church sale, brought it home and started carving. It had been quite a while for both of us since we had last carved a pumpkin. It was a messy yet satisfying experience, and had me quoting Linus throughout: "Ohh. You didn't tell me you were gonna kill it!".

Finally, we indulged in a first for me: Fondue. Mrs. Mosley, a big fan of this particular dining experience, had been coaxing me to go for awhile. My verdict? The cheese course at the beginning and chocolate course at the end were excellent. The middle course was simply good, not mind blowing. Of course, we opted for the healthier bullion instead of the traditional mixture, so maybe that makes a difference. Still it was a memorable night, not least of which for the very drunk couple that sat and cackled in the booth behind us.

Stay tuned for more posts, including a memorial review of Christopher Reeve's greatest role that wasn't Superman.

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