Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The True Vanguard

I've been pleased to see many prominent Republicans come to their senses and come out in support of Kerry (or, at the very least, against Bush). I ran across a story about Jack Bogle, founder of mutual fund giant Vanguard Group. Although it's very brief, he gives a very clear and rational argument of why he's supporting Kerry. Here's an excerpt:

But "there's a fine line between boldness and recklessness," cautions Bogle, a Republican who intends to vote for John Kerry. Boldness must be tempered by foresight and deliberation, Bogle says.

"We can't have a country run by philosophers," says Bogle, who chairs the board of the National Constitution Center. "But a good leader is thoughtful. He seeks the counsel of others and is capable of introspection. Before making a decision, he walks around it and tries to see it from all sides."

A sense of fallibility helps a leader, Bogle says. It inhibits arrogance, tames boldness so it doesn't lapse into recklessness.

"If you can't admit you're wrong, you have a problem," Bogle says, "because we're all wrong so often. Why is admitting it so awful?"

If only all conservatives were so rational.

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