Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Our house may be too small for a dozen drummers.

Aside from the cool weather finally arriving here in Jax, October is one of my favorite months because of my birthday. This year I turn 31, and to make it special, Mrs. Mosley is doing a "12 days of Christmas" type arrangement where I get twelve days of gifts. Although she doesn't consider this terribly inventive, I've been enjoying it very much.

The final tally of gifts included:

Four DVD's ("Road to Perdition", "Galaxy Quest", "A Few Good Men" and "Blazing Saddles")
Three CD's (The "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" soundtrack, a "Best of Johnny Cash" CD and a collection of different renditions of "Danny Boy")
Three Gift Certificates/Cards (Panera, Blockbuster, Firehouse Subs)
One Book (Coraline by Neil Gaiman)
One Bag of Gourmet Hazelnut Coffee
It's a fine list of gifts, but I suppose, as practical as my listing is, I should put it in the proper format:

On the twelfth of my birthday, my true love gave to me,
Twelve Saddles Blazing,
Eleven Cashes Singing,
Ten Pipes A-Calling,
Nine Bagels Toasting,
Eight Judes A-Limping,
Seven Brits A-Slanging,
Six Stars A-Questing,
Five Co-ra-lines,
Four Steaming Subs,
Three Good Men,
Two Rental Films,
And a Bag Full of Co-o-of-fee.

Yes, we're that sickeningly cute. Just thank your lucky stars you have the internet to filter us through, otherwise I'd have to post a warning up top for any diabetics tuning in.

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