Monday, December 05, 2005

Chicken Caesar Review: Longhorn Steakhouse

With Mrs. Mosley's penchant for split-and-shift at Longhorn (she gets shrimp and I get steak so we can both share), it's a rare opportunity for me to get something like a salad. Recently, I was finally able to partake of their Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, which goes for $9.99 and includes Romaine lettuce topped with sliced, seasoned, grilled chicken, croutons and flakes of Romano cheese.

That cheese bit is a guess, as they don't actually name the cheese on the menu. Regardless of it's type, it's tasty and plentiful on this salad. In most respects, the salad is a larger version of their Caesar side, which I've had more times than I can count and have always been satisfied with. The warm chicken is exceptionally tender and moist. The lettuce is fresh and tossed with a mild Caesar dressing. Finally, the croutons are seasoned and simply average.

Longhorn's ribeyes have long been my favorite, and their Chicken Caesar is also a mark of their quality. It's not as flashy as some other Chicken Caesars in this price range, but it does it's job well (which, unfortunately, is an abnormality these days).

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