Monday, December 12, 2005

Chicken Caesar Review: Quiznos Sub

I've always thought Quiznos was just a fancy-pants version of Subway, but their influence was made obvious when Subway started their toasted subs campaign earlier this year. The Quiznos Roman Chicken Salad (which is a Chicken Caesar by any other name and costs $4.99) contains tender chicken breast strips topped with Parmesan, Romano and Asiago cheese and spices that are all heated in an oven and then placed on Quiznos Sub own Salad Blend with vine-ripened cherry tomatoes and a side of Peppercorn Caesar dressing.

The operative word here being "side". The salad is not tossed. Furthermore, the triple-threat combination of thick dressing, confining triangular-shaped container and largish pieces of Romaine and Radicchio lettuce, makes tossing or even stirring a non-option. I will admit that the cheese being melted on top of the chicken was a plus with both tasty elements complimenting each other, but the most of the little squares of cheese just melted together into a single, long patchwork line. With the final gripe of no croutons or bread included with the salad, I will say that the individual ingredients were quite good. It's just their presentation as a whole that was problematic.

Overall, at $4.99 you could do a lot worse in terms of Chicken Caesars. But if you happen to be a Quiznos like the one I visited, which is situated two stores down from a Panera, you may consider taking a walk.

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