Thursday, December 01, 2005

"... missile attacks that look like screen savers ..."

Fans of MST3K like me live for really bad movies where the budgetary shortcomings are just glaring. Slate writer Grady Hendrix risks a one-way ticket to Hell by tearing apart the Left Behind movies, and it's hilarious:
In Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force, for example, Kirk Cameron has to take Ben Judah, a respected rabbi, to the Wailing Wall so that he can tell Jews everywhere that Jesus Christ is Lord. Israel is represented by a few stone walls obviously made of plywood, some Christmas-tree lights, and 500 volunteer extras wearing leftover costumes from a Nativity pageant. The Wailing Wall is patrolled by soldiers dressed in World War II army uniforms. The producers have also dubbed in the sound of goats during scenes set in downtown Jerusalem, which leads to the unusual notion that modern-day Israel is populated by WWII re-enactors, nervous-looking people in bathrobes, and goats.

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