Friday, June 23, 2006


I was in Barnes & Noble last night and saw a display for a new Penguin Publishing series called "Great Ideas" (Sidenote: Actually, this series is already a year old, but this second group of titles is distinctly different from the first, which I'll go into). Basically these are all nonfiction classics that are already in the public domain and get printed by heaven known how many publishers every year. The difference here, though, is the packaging.

It's kind of hard to realistically present it through a picture, but the books are entirely unique. All the covers are printed only in black, white and blue with all the text and illustrations embossed. The physical books themselves are made of a rougher paper that brings to mind old fashioned publishing, which the cover design itself also conveys.

It's all just incredibly cool for a book nut like me. Truth be told, I didn't buy a copy last night, mainly because I couldn't decide which title to buy. There is an Art of War floating around with this design, so maybe I'll pick that up when I see it.

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