Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Brave (Via This Modern World):

"(Joseph)Wilson's most famous moment-the one that got him in the headlines around the world-came in late September 1990, after he had received a diplomatic note that threatened execution to anyone harboring foreigners. Since Wilson himself had put up about 60 Americans at the ambassador's residence and other places, he gave a press briefing during which he wore a noose he'd asked one of the embassy Marines to prepare that morning. "If the choice is to allow American citizens to be taken hostage or to be executed, I will bring my own f%#king rope," he said."
Not Brave:

White House counselor Dan Bartlett told reporters on the 11-hour flight to Baghdad from Andrews Air Force Base that Bush had planned the trip for months with a "very, very close circle" of about six White House staff members.

Administration officials went to extraordinary lengths to keep their plans secret, including issuing a false press statement Monday night saying the president would be having a press availability in the Rose Garden on Tuesday. White House communications director Nicolle Wallace said: "Nothing was done with the goal of duping anyone. . . . The purpose of the secrecy was security."

It never ceases to amaze me. Every time I see a story concerning a senior administration official visiting Iraq, there are conservative commentators in awe at such a "brave" act. If things are so friggin great in Iraq (or at least, according to Rep. Steve King, much safer than Washington D.C.) and Bush is so unashamedly brave, then make an announced visit, for crying out loud!

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