Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gotta get paid

Let's take a moment to consider Andre Braugher.

Braugher first came into prominence back in 1993 when he starred in the series Homicide: Life on the Street. The series got a lot of attention from critics and attracted a loyal fan base during its seven year run. It also managed to gather a nice pile of Emmy nominations and wins, including a Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy for Braugher in 1998. By far, Braugher got the most attention and praise of the large cast. Because he had the talent, the looks, the intelligence and the charm, he was the one actor that everyone saw as becoming the next Denzel Washington or Sidney Portier.

Unfortunately, that didn't really happen. Like his fellow Homicide castmember (and inaugural Acrentropy Quote-of-the-Month subject) Yaphet Kotto, he turned to doing solid character supporting roles in film. Eventually, he found himself back on the small screen doing episodes here and there and starring in three series in the span of six years (Gideon's Crossing, Hack, Thief).

This is not to belittle him in any way. You gotta do what you gotta do to put food on the table. And semi steady television work is not a bad way to do it. But today, over at the website, it was revealed that he had turned down a recurring role on ER this coming season to do ... wait for it ... the Fantastic Four sequel.

Let me repeat that: He's doing the Fantastic Four sequel.

Now I'll admit that ER's better days have long past along with it's original cast, but I have to imagine that doing that TV gig would be more preferable than doing a crappy sequel that nobody asked for to a crappy comic book film that nobody saw. I know he still probably has that yearning for the big screen, but come on!

Ironically, it is the subject of our current Quote-of-the-Month series, Forest Whitaker, that will be taking Braugher's place on ER. We wish Whitaker luck. And we wish Braugher luck, as well. Maybe by some miracle this film will launch into a new career on the big screen. But I got the feeling that he should have learned from David Caruso and stuck with good TV.

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