Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Skippy of the Day: Larry Knapp

In the latest issue of American Libraries, there is a story out of Idaho about the Nampa Public Library's decision to retain a couple of books that some citizens wanted banned. Included among these was a businessman named Larry Knapp, who withdrew a $10,000 donation to the library as a result of this decision.

That is, of course, his prerogative. His statement regarding it, however, was insipid. Here's the excerpt from the article:
"'Why would you want to create a larger problem?' Knapp said in the June 27 Nampa Idaho Press Tribune, noting that the library official's decision was an unpopular one and 'from a business perspective that’s a bad policy.'"
Alright, who wants to be the person to tell this joker that a library is not a business? We serve the public, Larry, and that means all of them. As a result, we're strictly a please-all-of-the-people-some-of-the-time organization. Maybe you can use some of that ten thousand to buy yourself a nice big dictionary to look it up. Or better yet, go by the Nampa Public Library and you can use theirs. We serve everybody, Larry, even nitwits like you.

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