Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crowding the Jury Room

I mentioned before how my video got featured on the website "Very Short List" two months ago. One thing that is cool about the site is that the logo on top of the page is unique for each entry by way of placing the letters within a picture related to the post. In my case, they took a still from 12 Angry Men and placed the letters under, over and through the cast.

The choice was a great one because (a) the film was featured in the clip show and (b) it was one of the few titles featured that actually had a number in the title. An added bonus is that this is one of my very favorite films.

VSL is really a great site and it's nice to have their updates emailed to me every day. So go and take a visit over there. It's worth it.*

*(And, no, they're not paying me)

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