Monday, August 06, 2007

Just one of the boys (Yeah, right).

How much sympathy do I have for Mitt Romney?

Not a whit, Mitt.

You see, the man is a proud member of the Republican party. What is he proud of? Well, being part of the party that's for lowering taxes and shrinking government. But, you see, fiscal responsibility has waned on the Republican agenda for the past seven years. Nowadays, it's all about pushing buttons, and Republicans do that through their allegiance with Conservative Christians.

And that means beating to death the topics of abortion rights, gay marriage and the separation between church and state. This is a country founded by Christians for Christians, and nobody is going to tell them any different. And when the Republicans go on a tear on this topic, Romney is one of the guys standing right alongside them cheering.

Except that, lately, he's realizing that the others are staring at him through the corner of their eyes with looks that say, "Of course, you're not really a Christian, are you now?".

He thinks they're all in the same club, but that's just not the case for the party of exclusion. No, you have to be the right kind of Christian to be one of the GOP, and they'll let you know that some goofy faith founded by a nineteenth century con artist ain't gonna cut it, especially in the primaries.

To be fair, there is plenty of infighting in both parties right now, but Romney's particular troubles are bittersweet. The guy really thinks that they like him. And he may just be able to get to the Republican nomination, but it will be due to everyone else's weaknesses and not his own strengths. He'll get in there because he's just Christian enough ... in a pinch.

It's almost enough to give you warm fuzzies, ain't it?

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