Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Delroy Lindo Quote of the Month: August 2007

Going through these quotes and his films, it seems a rare instance where Lindo is not playing a cop or a criminal. This month, he's one of the good guys. Well, he would be one of the good guys if the stars of the film weren't criminals, thus making him a bad guy. Oh well, as long as sh*t blows up in the process, who cares, right?

Gone in Sixty Seconds is the Jerry Bruckheimer car-fest (and the cars in this Bruckheimer film, by the way, do not transform into robots) that stars Nicholas Cage as a guy who needs to steal fifty high-end cars in one night. Lindo plays Detective Castleback, and he lets Cage know that he'll be watched closely in the next couple of days.

Det. Castleback: "I tell you what - from here on out, if you walk across the street outside of a crosswalk, if you roll through a stop sign, if you use an aerosol can in a manner other than directed ... I mean, I don't care. You make one slip, and I will put you away for good."

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