Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big-eyed children need not apply

Many of the methods used by Evangelical Christians to appeal to youngsters just doesn't work. Watching middle aged white people try to be hip and current can be extremely painful (Click here and here... if you dare!). This story, however, sounds like somebody has finally made a solid match between Current form and Biblical content. Check out the artwork:

Now that's a nice matchup. The stylized violence that comes from Manga and Anime is a perfect fit for the Old Testament, which has people getting struck down right and left! It doesn't matter if the characters are eight feet tall with angular bone structures. The character design will match the words and deeds of the characters in the stories.

The NYT article also mentions that there will be attempts at humor, which I consider a bad idea. I cringed when I read that the "heroes look and sound like skateboarders in Bedouin gear".

C'mon, guys. It doesn't need it. It's epic drama through and through. Play that up for all it's worth. Heck, Cecil B. De Mille realized that and started a trend in film that lasted for decades, made millions of dollars and drew adoring fans the world over.

Don't muck it up by throwing a "dude" into every other sentence.

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