Monday, February 25, 2008

John, you're no Al Pacino

I came across this post on Tom Tomorrow's site recently:

Finally, is it just me or does McCain’s candidacy lack a coherent raison d’être? Hillary Clinton is the hyper-ambitious former first lady who wants to continue where her husband left off. Mike Huckabee is the conservative regular fella who wants to do save our nation from moral decay. Barack Obama is the inspirational guy who wants to bring people together to Change™ the nation. John McCain? He seems to be this year’s "I've been around Washington forever and it’s my turn to run for President" guy. Maybe he'll have more luck with "Vote for me, I’m really old." than Bob Dole did, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

He makes a good point. McCain should be reminded that the U.S. Presidency is not like the Oscars: You don't get the big prize simply because you've been around a long time and you feel that you have one coming. And even with the Oscars, it's not necessarily a sure thing (just ask Hal Holbrook and Ruby Dee).


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