Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"You WILL dance with me, EVA!"

It's been a Nazi-fest in the Mosley household lately (Movie-wise, that is). Last week, I watched the incredible Downfall about Hitler's last days, and last night Mrs. Mosley and I started the equally good Black Book about the Dutch resistance during WWII.

Well, browsing through the cast lists of these films, I noticed that a number of the German actors are attached to Valkyrie, which features a number of Brits playing Germans and one highly irritating American doing likewise (and, judging by the trailer, failing).

Anyway, I was curious who would be playing the role du jour of the Fuhrer himself. The actor's name was David Bamber, and though I didn't recognize the name at first, it only took a brief look at his resume to discover the Hitler was going to be played by ... Mr. Collins!

The thought of poor, clueless and socially inept Mr. Collins leading the Third Reich tickles me to no end. Hell, I may end up laughing more at him than at Tom.

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