Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Giancarlo Esposito Quote of the Month: April 2008

We've come back again to Spike Lee, this time to his early effort School Daze. In this portrait of a Black College Campus (which is just bursting with familiar African American faces from film and television), Giancarlo plays Julian, who is the head of Gamma house. He's a mean vindictive SOB, and he pretty much epitomizes all the worst elements of Fraternities. In an early scene, he sizes up the latest batch of recruits including Half-Pint (Spike Lee), whom he suspects to be a virgin:

Julian: You better get a freak over here tonight. And no Gamma Rays neither. I don't care if she's blind, fat, no teeth, one leg in a kickstand. I ain't pledgin' no virgins. You got it?
Incidentally, Mr. Esposito turns the big five-o later this month, so Happy Birthday, Giancarlo. You're a joy to watch and a joy to find quotes for.

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