Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"We’re gonna shoot the movie, camera or no camera."

Those who have seen the wonderful Ed Wood will remember a scene where Ed and his entire crew are baptised in a swimming pool in order to secure financial backing from a local church. The pastor's main motivation is to eventually get Ed to film huge Biblical epics for him.

Pastor Richard Gazowsky is an even amalgamation of both Ed and the Pastor, though as bad as Ed is at filmmaking, even he had seen movies before the age of forty.

I'm not posting the whole story (via Metalfilter); just the first paragraph. I urge you to go read the whole thing though. It's simultaneously sad and hysterical. Like me, you'll be itching to see Audience of One when it eventually gets distributed.
Attempting to fulfill a vision and a mission, without any practical experience, can be a foolhardy, even a dangerous pursuit. Pastor Richard Gazowsky fervently believed that God would fill in for his lack of experience and help him produce the biggest and greatest epic movie ever made. But he would soon discover, if not admit, that you need a lot more than God on your side to make a movie. Michael Jacob’s amazing and sobering film, AUDIENCE OF ONE, traces the journey of the pastor and his adoring, always believing flock of eager followers in their attempts to make GRAVITY, THE SHADOW OF JOSEPH. At times humorous, other times heartrending, the documentary makes clear the foibles of a God-driven ego wrapped in the mantle of belief and faith.

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