Thursday, February 05, 2009

As always, Stephen Fry is Awesome.

Via IMDb:
British comedian Stephen Fry used his time while stuck in an elevator in London to blog about the ordeal to his online fans. The funnyman was on his way to a meeting at the top of the city's 33-storey Centre Point Tower on Tuesday when an electrical fault brought the device to a halt, leaving all the passengers trapped.

So Fry took to his internet-ready cellphone to post comments about his situation on his Twitter blog, giving his Internet companions live updates.

Fry's first post read, "Ok. This is now mad. I am stuck in a lift on the 26th floor of Centre Point. Hell's teeth. We could be here for hours. A**e, poo and widdle."

He followed that message up with another moments later: "This is getting boring. Morale still high. Hopes of early night dashed. Engineers on their way in 20 minutes apparently."

While the group waited for help, Fry gathered everyone together for a photo, which he also posted on the internet.

After 30 minutes in the confined space, Fry was rescued, prompting him to post a final update: "We're free! Paramount Club had champagne for us at the bottom. I'm allergic, but nice thought."

He later went on to pay tribute to his fellow online bloggers for their messages of support during his ordeal: "Slept heavily after the Fry lift incident. Another thank you to all those who kept the Blitz spirit alive."

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