Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Meet "Jenny"

Most of you have probably already met "Jenny" in her ubiquitous ads on all sorts of websites. Clicking on the ad takes you to her "blog" where she details the methods that finally proved successful in helping her lose weight. Here are the pictures:

Now you can trust me when I say that I myself have weight issues and I know where she is coming from, but it just seems to me that the "before" looks better and healthier than the "after". Sure, she has some meat on her bones, but not to the point where her health was in danger.

As for the "after", well, it seems to me that most of the 25 pounds she claims to have lost must have come from the surgical removal of her entire ribcage.

1 comment:

TK42ONE said...

I agree, the first two pictures look nice. The last one looks like she's on the verge of being a purge queen. And unless I missed it in my skimming, nowhere did she mention exercise.